May 25, 2013: PhoneGap Build

I'm starting to develop the PennCycle mobile app with Adobe Phonegap, and I thought I'd share my initial impressions.

The idea of PhoneGap is really cool, and like Heroku, it allows developers to get started building real products extremely quickly. High-performance applications have much to gain from native code, but it's amazing to be able to target almost all smartphones right off the bat, using a single codebase.

In addition, because I use Ubuntu for development, I couldn't even build locally for the iOS platform if I tried, and cloud compilation lets me work around that nicely.

The workflow I'm trying for now involves working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript as usual and testing in the browser, then using Android to emulate the final product. I plan to test the application on iOS once I'm done, which is probably going to be the largest market share at Penn.

I also made a separate git account for PennCycle, with the hopes that I won't actually be developing PennCycle forever and that I'll be able to pass the reins on to somebody next year. Considering the learning curve for PennCycle's expanding code base, it might be necessary to hire one person to run the website and one person to develop the phone app and GPS integration.


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