HMS Weave

hms weave screenshot

An application for connecting mentors and mentees at Harvard Medical School. Mentors sign up with their Harvard or hospital-affiliated email address, create a profile, and set their availability to mentor, and students browse profiles to find mentorship opportunities.

Status: live, ongoing development

Technologies: Flask, React, Pipenv, Flow, Postgres, SQLAlchemy, Heroku


ejomi screenshot

An emoji-guessing, word-scrambling game inspired by Codenames. Made for Global Game Jam 2018.

Status: live, development complete

Technologies: Flask, React, Gevent, Websocket, Redis, Heroku


razzi.abuissa.net screenshot

Personal site! Includes a sparsely-updated blog and my Terrible Vegan podcast. Custom RSS template to push episodes to the iTunes store. CSS by me.

Technologies: Jekyll, GitHub Pages, Cloudflare



Email address you send your event emails to, which creates calendar event invites from the email text. Turn mailing lists into calendars. Browse events that are only communicated through email.

Could use a better title.


Personal recipe book. Keep track of recipes you like, group recipes into cookbooks, and see what you can cook with what you have on hand.


List your possessions that you’re willing to lend out (sleeping bag, guitar) and keep track of who’s borrowing them. Use as a personal belongings website. Make recommendations about the things you own - these shoes are great, this appliance is disappointing.


Your own wikipedia to collect your thoughts.