Food Journal September 29

I recently met with a nutritionist, Megan Knipp, and her instructions for a food journal included being specific about the times and amounts of food I was eating. Previously, I had a notebook I was jotting down things I had eaten. Going digital gives me more space! She also requested I track my water intake. I’ll see if I can pull that off another day.

Sourdough pancakes with banana and peanut butter

Breakfast at 7:00am: 4 sourdough pancakes, substituting ground walnuts for almond flour. Served with a banana, a big scoop of peanut butter, and powdered sugar. Left me feeling full.

Lunch at 1pm: decently large bowl of lentil + split pea + barley soup and about half an avocado - it was starting to go bad so I didn’t eat it all. Small serving of leftover chickpea curry.

Afternoon snack at 4pm: handful of sunflower seeds and several pieces of candied orange peel. Handful of dried fruit and nuts including fig, apple, and pecan.

Light dinner at 5pm: small bowl of noodles (I clumsily poured about half the noodles into the sink while trying to drain them without using a colander), tomato sauce, nutritional yeast.

6pm: cinnamon roll, microwaved large russet potato, ate with olive oil, nutritional yeast, and parsley.

8:30pm: pumpkin pie spice latte with a shake of oatmeal (really just adding hot water to some pumpkin pie spice).

Overall, a pretty good day of food. Good job, Razzi.